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Giga 2.0 Mini Air Pump

Giga 2.0 Mini Air Pump

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Get ready to elevate your outdoor experiences with the GIGA 2.0 Mini Air Pump, the ultimate companion for adventurers who refuse to compromise on convenience and efficiency. This powerful portable electric inflator is designed to make your life easier, turning the chore of inflating camping mattresses, swimming rings, and other inflatable gear into a swift and effortless task.

Operation is a breeze - simply connect the pump to a power source, choose the appropriate nozzle from the five options provided, and watch as your inflatables take shape before your eyes. With a robust power output of 220 watts, the GIGA 2.0 ensures rapid inflation, getting you from flat to full in record time.

Despite its formidable performance, this mini air pump boasts a lightweight and compact design, making it an indispensable addition to your camping gear or outdoor kit. Its portability ensures that whether you're heading to a campsite, beach, or festival, the GIGA 2.0 Mini Air Pump is always ready to go.

Understanding the need for flexibility in outdoor settings, we've included an additional 10 feet of cable, giving you the freedom to inflate your equipment wherever it's most convenient for you.

Don't let the challenge of inflating dampen your adventurous spirit. With the GIGA 2.0 Mini Air Pump by your side, you're always just a few moments away from being fully equipped and ready for whatever the great outdoors has in store. Seize the opportunity to transform your outdoor adventures today!

Product name: Outdoor Air Pump
Material: ABS
Size: 43*43*53mm
Voltage: 13.5w
Inflation speed: 180L/Min
Inflation pressure: 3.5kpa
Inspiratory pressure: 3kpa
Electricity: 1300 mah
Compression rate: 50%
Accessories: With 5 gas nozzles
Brightness/use time: 40lm/10hrs, 160lm/2.5hrs, 400lm/1hrs
Light color: 4500k white
Applicable objects: Inflatable neck pillows, swimming rings, inflatable cushions, inflatable beds, yoga balls, inflatable toys

Package list:
1 * Air pump
5 * Different gas nozzles

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