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Crystal Epil Hair Removal

Crystal Epil Hair Removal

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Introducing the Crystal Physical Hair Removal Eraser - your ultimate solution for painless and eco-friendly hair removal.


1. Advanced Technology: Utilizing micro-technology, the Crystal Hair Eraser gently removes hair from the skin's surface, effortlessly sliding across to reveal smooth skin.
2. Eco-Friendly and Reusable: With Nano Crystal Technology, this eraser allows hair to clump together and easily fall off when rubbed against the skin.
3. User-Friendly: The smooth glass surface ensures easy operation. A single rub unveils the smooth skin beneath, while simultaneously removing dead skin for a brighter complexion.
4. Hair Growth Inhibition: After just one use, the Crystal Hair Eraser effectively slows down hair growth by breaking down hair particles.
5. Versatile Application: Safe for use on various body parts including knuckles, arms, legs, chest, and back. However, it's advisable to avoid excessive rubbing, especially on sensitive skin.


The durable glass filing surface provides uniform sanding and easy grinding. Suitable for all skin types, its compact design allows for convenient travel in purses or travel bags.

Material: ABS
Size: 105*60*35mm
Package Size: 107*72*37mm
Package Includes: 
1 pc * Crystal Hair Eraser

Experience the epitome of painless hair removal with the Crystal Hair Eraser - your key to smooth, radiant skin.

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