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Collagen Instant Volumising Lip Plumper Serum

Collagen Instant Volumising Lip Plumper Serum

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Get ready to pucker up with confidence with our Collagen Instant Volumizing Lip Plumper Serum! Say goodbye to thin, lackluster lips and hello to a visibly plump and voluminous pout.

Utilizing innovative oil-water/oil-oil/oil-cream separation technology, this serum delivers targeted hydration to enhance the natural fullness of your lips. Say goodbye to fine lines and hello to a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Unlike other products, our serum doesn't rely on spicy or irritating ingredients – just pure, effective collagen to give your lips the boost they deserve. Elevate your lip game and achieve the luscious lips you've always wanted. Try our Collagen Instant Volumizing Lip Plumper Serum today!

Product name: plump lip gloss

Specification: 5 ml

Shelf life: 3 years

Function: plump lips, moisturizing

Storage method: Store in a cool dry place

Ingredients: Vitamin E, Honey,etc.


1.Moist bright

Lightsome sense of water ,moisturmoist and bright

2.Carry bright lip color

Effective moisturizing ingredients, lasting moisture, make double lip is prohibited

3.Modified lip lines

Relaxed and laminating ,makeuplasting color,

lip lines, beautify the contour

4.Pink gloss

abundance enlarge lips


1.The nude lipstick lips available render thin coating layer

2.And Apply Lip liquid

3.Finally use lip is sweet curingfilm will be ok .

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