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50/20/10pcs Soft Facial Cleaning Sponge Pad Facial Washing

50/20/10pcs Soft Facial Cleaning Sponge Pad Facial Washing

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 Presenting our Soft Facial Cleaning Sponge - your secret weapon for a spa-worthy skincare routine! 

 Dive into a world of gentle cleansing with our super-soft sponge, designed to pamper your delicate facial skin!

 Made from premium materials, our sponge provides a luxurious touch while effectively removing dirt, oil, and impurities!

Say goodbye to harsh scrubbing and hello to a refreshing cleanse every time you lather up with our plush sponge!

 Get ready to elevate your skincare game and achieve that radiant glow you've been dreaming of!

 Treat yourself to the ultimate facial experience - grab our Soft Facial Cleaning Sponge and let the self-care sessions begin! 

How to use:
1. For the first use, put the compressed wood pulp cotton cleanser into the water, the cleanser will quickly become larger and thicker
2. Rubbing and washing repeatedly 
3. Dip a cleanser that has been completely soaked in a cleanser
4. Gently rub the area to be cleaned in a circular motion until the cleaning is completed
5. Wash the used face wash with clean water, wring out excess water, and place it in a ventilated place to dry

Color: Yellow
Material: Pure wood pulp
Size: Dry diameter: 7cm/2.75Inch, Wet Thickness: 1cm/0.39in

Package list: 
1 x Facial Sponges (50/20/10pcs)

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