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4 In 1 High-Frequency Electrode Beauty Wand

4 In 1 High-Frequency Electrode Beauty Wand

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Unveil radiant, flawless skin with the 4 In 1 High-Frequency Electrode Beauty Wand - your ultimate beauty companion! Engineered to elevate your skincare routine, this versatile device offers a multitude of benefits to enhance your complexion.

With a voltage range of 100V/220V/240V and an operating frequency of 50-60Hz, this wand delivers unparalleled performance. From improving skin texture and tone to reducing acne and wrinkles, stimulating circulation, and eliminating bacteria and viruses, it does it all!

The wand's advanced technology accelerates blood circulation, strengthens lymph activity, enhances skin nutrition, and produces ozone for sterilization. Plus, it aids in wound healing for a comprehensive skincare solution.

Customize your experience with adjustable intensity settings, ensuring the perfect treatment for your unique skin type. And for added safety, always adjust the intensity to 0 after use and power off the machine before removing the glass tube from the handpiece.

Don't compromise on your complexion - elevate your skincare routine with the 4 In 1 High-Frequency Electrode Beauty Wand today!

1. Remove spot, Heal skin scars.
2. Enhance blood circulation, Improve lymph activity.
3. Help skin nutrition, Strengthen cell metabolism.
4. Improve secretion and PH value.
5. Diminish inflammation, Sterilize bacteria.
6. Accelerate healing of wounds.
7. Reduce visible skin pores.

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