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It’s time for Hot Yoga

It’s time for Hot Yoga

10 Sep 2019

 With the growing popularity of yoga in the Western world, we have learnt much about the traditions of the practice, and the benefits of asana (the physical practice of yoga) for the mind and body.

 Hot yoga benefits the entire body, both inside and out. To conduct a hot yoga class, rooms are heated to at least 105 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level of about 60 percent, which results in excessive sweating, which helps increase flexibility. Excessive sweating is said to flush out toxins in the body and promote more efficient blood flow throughout the body which carries many benefits.

The practice’s signature series of 26 yoga poses and distinct breathing exercises, can reduce the effects of many afflictions and conditions while improving posture, strength, and flexibility. Apart from these physical benefits, hot yoga can also help in reliving and increase mental clarity.


Why hot yoga?

Wondering why Hot Yoga is so good for you or different from your normal Yoga session? Here are the top reasons that make Hot Yoga the perfect accompaniment to your wellbeing regime:

Hot Yoga and Overall Physical Fitness

According to a study who did Bikram yoga three times a week for eight weeks had increased lower-back, hamstring and shoulder flexibility, increased dead-lift strength and decreased body fat compared to those who did not do Bikram yoga during the study.

It reduces stress

Whilst regular Yoga also has this benefit the increased heat causes you to focus on your breathing. Deep breathing is a fundamental part of relaxation and relieving your stress.

 Improved Flexibility

Hot temperatures and high humidity make your muscles more pliable and make it easier for your muscles to stretch. This means you can increase your muscle’s range of motion and stretch deeper within each pose.

It burns calories and aid in Weight Loss and Muscle Toning 

Any exercise that increases your heart rate will increase your calorie burn, so Hot Yoga is no different. Some studies report women can burn a few hundred calories per session. Hot yoga helps in weight loss.

 Metabolism Boost! 

You have probably heard this many times before and that is because it’s true! Practicing hot yoga will raise your pulse rate and metabolism, allowing your blood vessels to become more flexible and charges your body to burn a lot more calories than usual.

 Immunity boost

Hot yoga practice improves your circulation to the body’s organs, our immune system becomes stronger and better combat disease and illness.

 Cardiovascular Health

Hot yoga increases cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure, resting heart rates and cholesterol, and slowing the progression of atherosclerosis. The meditative component of yoga, present in Bikram yoga’s breathing exercises, may help stabilize the endothelium, the blood vessels’ lining. Irritation of the endothelium is often caused by stress and is a major contributing factor to cardiovascular disease. The meditation and deep breathing in yoga practices, including Bikram yoga, can lower stress hormones in the body and reduce the risk for stroke or heart attack.

Chronic Back Pain

A study found that people who practice yoga have greater and more long-lasting improvements with chronic back pain than people who rely on other therapies alone.

Blood Sugar

Diabetics who regularly practised yoga had healthier blood sugar control than those who did not practice yoga.


Yoga poses and breathing exercises improved pulmonary functioning in patients with asthma. Deeper breathing than normal means your lungs will expand more than they usually do. This causes more oxygen to reach your blood. Over time this can help with your overall lung capacity.


But Hot Yoga Feels So Good!

 Practising Hot yoga will relax your body and give you great fitness benefits.

Just remember to eat healthy and keep yourself hydrated, listen to your body, don’t push yourself and take a short break (or walk out) if you feel dizzy or unwell. 





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