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07 Aug 2019

Breast milk is nature’s perfect baby food. It consists of immunity-boosting antibodies and useful enzymes that scientists have still to replicate. Most of us heard that the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests breastfeeding for at least six months, but what’s the reasoning behind this? Well, breastfeeding is one of the most effective, easy and cost-free ways to ensure child health, and if it was scaled up to near-universal levels, about 820,000 children’s lives would be saved every year – a compelling argument.

Right from the while, you have skin-to-skin contact with your newborn, your body sense a rush of Oxytocin, byword ‘the love hormone’ or ‘the cuddle chemical’, it’s also secreted every time your baby takes on your nipple during a feed.

Having your newborn latch on early and do helps your uterus (womb) contract and boosts the ‘third stage’ of labor, expelling the placenta. It avoids severe post-partum bleeding, so you’re less likely to suffer from iron-deficiency anemia.

Breast Milk & Benefits of Breastfeeding for Child Development

“Thrust from the close, dark womb into an overwhelming experience of bright lights, loud noises, and new smells, your baby needs the reassurances of your continued physical presence”

Breastfeeding is the most effective, easy and cost-free way to ensure child health

If you’re nursing currently (or thinking of weaning soon) here are six incredible reasons to stick with it. Extended breastfeeding can give your baby:

1. Psychological Health Advantage

The feed can Complement or build up neurological development that may result in more advanced IQs. Breastfeeding also can offer relief to babies who experience chronic pain or even sudden pain, such as from vaccination or fall.

The soothing effect of oxytocin released during breastfeed confers many psychological benefits to women and leads to significantly lower cases of child neglect by helping mothers avoid anger or negative moods, and reduce stress which may result in feeling less depressed, a benefit enjoyed also by their babies.

2. A multitude of magnificent microbes for better digestion:

Your child gets his first collection of digestive bacteria from your— breast milk is amazing because it is loaded with over 700 species of friendly microbes, along with some specific sugars the gut bugs take hold in the digestive tract. Every time your toddler nurses, his maturing microbiome becomes stronger and stronger.

3. Energetic health and immunity:

•   prolonged breastfeeding allows him to continue to enjoy direct immune system boosts through the high level of white blood-fighting cells contained in your breast milk

4. Complete Nutritional Equation:

•   The first milk (colostrum) known as liquid gold is a thin yellowish fluid, contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents that protect the infant against all disease. This liquid gold is also rich in protein that provides passive immunity to the baby. The colostrum makes a coating in the GI tract, preventing harmful bacteria and allergy-triggering protein molecules from crossing into the baby’s blood.

•   During breastfeeding, many useful antibodies pass to the baby.

5. Calming and maternal bonding

•   Breastfeeding is an affable way for newborns to changeover to the world outside the womb.

•   Breastfeeding provides psychological as well as physiological benefits for both mother and child. It creates emotional bonding and has been known to reduce rates of infant abandonment.

6. Tranquil Sleep:

•   One of the many alluring ways and lesser-known fact about mother’s milk is that it adapts to the situation by changing its chemical composition depending on the time of day. As the dark rolls around, there appears a natural increase in amounts of tryptophan, melatonin, serotonin, and the nucleotides 5’GMP 5’UMP and 5’AMP in breast milk—and these chemicals help your toddler in a better sleep-wake pattern that’s in sync with the rest of the family.

7. Time and Money Saver

To the top of all the above-listed advantages listed above, breastfeeding is completely free of cost and effortless.


The decision to breastfeed or top-up feed remains the individual choice. Nonetheless, breast milk is doubtlessly the best nutrition you can give your baby, with extra benefits for a mother.

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