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A Quick Guide For Healthy Bones

A Quick Guide For Healthy Bones

06 Aug 2019

Ageing is an unstoppable factor. One loves to pamper and prevent the wrinkling of skin and the greying of hair, but did you know that your pillars of locomotion need the attention before anything else?

Yes, the bones that are the foundation of our body change with age and this has to get the importance and care, just like our hair and skin.

As you grow old, and by the time you cross 35 years the bone tissues in your body start degenerating and this results in the thinning of bones. It is definitely not a good sign as this leads to various complicated problems and even makes you motionless. The commonly seen disorders related to boens are Leukemia, Osteoporosis and Osteosarcoma. Here are some quick tips for you to maintain bone health and remain young:

  1. Soak in the Sun

All of us are aware that calcium is massively needed for better bones. The human body however does not have the ability to absorb calcium effectively without the help of vitamin D. The main source of vitamin D is the sun. Pull out your jogging shoes and go spend some time in the sun. This is very essential for your bones.

     2. Cut down heavy intake of Alcohol and Tobacco

It’s time to cut down alcohol and smoking; or even to say a goodbye to them. Excessive consumption of these so called ‘stress-busters’, only bring your bones’ mineral density down. It’s hard to call it ‘quits’, however, you can reduce your intake for these two things.

  1. Have a ‘Green’ Diet

The green veggies like spinach, broccoli, cucumber and the others are the rich source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C acts as a catalyst and simulates the increase in number of bone forming cells. Start loving your plate of green vegetables henceforth as they are the right food for your bones.

  1. Visit your Doctor

A woman on approaching the 40th year of her life will be prone to various health disorders and it is wise to get thorough body check-ups done at regular intervals. For bones, it is the Bone Mineral Density Check-up. If you doctor finds any indication that you fall into the risk of having a low bone mineral density, she will be suggesting you the right medication and nutrition needed. Leukemia – Is a cancer affecting your bone marrow and is more deadly than osteoporosis. Make sure you get things treated before things get out of hand.

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