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Get Rid of Thyroid Medicines Naturally.

Get Rid of Thyroid Medicines Naturally.

02 Aug 2019


Get guaranteed relief from ‘THYROID’ medicines from your life. First thyroid tablets, then BP, then some KIDNEY or LIVER disorder.


The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in our neck which makes hormones. When it makes fewer hormones than required by the body, it’s called ‘Hypothyroidism’ & when it makes more, it’s called hyperthyroidism. In layman’s term, the whole body is involved in making and utilization of these hormones. If this gets disrupted, the whole body’s functioning gets affected.

Those who are patients of Thyroid disorder are given medicines or artificial hormones as our body is making less or more hormones. In homeopathy, they extract hormones from poor pig or goat and call them natural hormones, though it is not.

They simply suppress the functioning of the thyroid gland and leave other minerals and vitamins underutilized. This affects the whole body, be it heart, kidney or liver, etc. Instead of finding what’s deficient or the root cause behind this and curing it, they simply restrain the natural functioning.

Some of the guidelines you can follow in your routine are:-

  1. Take a sugar-free diet.
  2. Add vitamin B to your daily diet.
  3. Take Gluten-free diet.
  4. Eat soybeans and soy-rich food.
  5. Don’t forget to take high fiber food.
  6. Eat more of raw uncooked food like salad, fruits and juices to detoxify the body.

Dr. Mona Khosla, an accredited naturopath and a member of INO (International Naturopathy Organisation ), was herself a patient of hypothyroidism and was prescribed 75 to 100 mcg Thyronorm. But what kept her bothering was “What exactly was going wrong in her body that she came across Hypothyroidism and other problems like acne all over the face, osteopenia, anemia, feeling cold, weight gain, hair loss, etc.” And finally after four years of study ( on the endocrine system, hormones, etc.), research and experimenting herself, she was able to find the cure, cured herself and now helped and helping many others in getting 100% cured from this disease within a period of six months to one year.

Every individual is different and their severeness also. So to diagnose the underlying cause we need certain Blood Tests. Depending upon the cause we will suggest some changes in their regular diet, some herbs, and some easy exercises and review monthly.

For more information, you can visit her website

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